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1 juin 2009

16 mai 2009

Rhyme Recca - To My Lady / Blowin Up Spots 12" 1998

Rhyme Recca from American Cream Team aka The Harlem Hoodz

In the mid-nineties, Raekwon presented the world to his new group, The American Cream Team with members: B-Twizzy aka Baby Thad, Chip Banks aka Banky B, Polite, Superb aka Lord Superb, Triflyn, Nino, Kingpin & Rhyme Recca. Signed to Loud Records, the group appeared on Raekwon’s gold-selling Immobilarity album, along with many soundtracks and compilations such as Black & White etc. The hopes of the group dissolved after the murder of Banky Banks aka Chip Banks and Superb got incarcerated.

A1-To My Lady Ft. Smoothe The Hustler (Vocal)
A2-To My Lady Ft. Smoothe The Hustler (TV Track)
A3-To My Lady Ft. Smoothe The Hustler (Acapella)
B1-Blowin Up Spots (Vocal)
B2-Blowin Up Spots (TV Track)
B3-Blowin Up Spots (Acapella)

8 janvier 2009